California State University, Dominguez Hills

Scope of Work

Instructional Design | Graphics | Camtasia + Adobe InDesign + WordPress | Copyediting | Copywriting


Cal State University, Dominguez Hills (College of Business Administration and Public Policy)


Specialized in the development of distance education courses within an e-learning context. Analyzed course requirements, course hierarchies, instructional materials, and student learning outcomes. Conducted consultations, course pre-assessments, needs assessments, analysis, and peer reviews. Identified milestones and gaps in the various levels of student-centered learning.

I consulted on instructional design and media development for the College of Business Administration and Public Policy under the Congressional Grant project. Launched 4 online courses for Lottery Grant project and initiated 18 additional courses through the design & development phase via a peer review process.

Completed Objective

Successfully trained and assessed 17 faculty on the creation of effective learning materials and the methods of writing student learning outcomes via an Online Teaching Academy.

Produced Training Videos

Scripted, narrated, and edited 3 online how-to tutorial videos and 3 course-design tutorial videos. Conceptualized one faculty video introduction for course home-page entry point.

Designed Learning Tools

Developed course design tools: process flow diagrams and schedules for 2-course tracks (New Course & Existing Course); learning objects; job aids; guides; and rubric tools for use throughout the phases of course development.

Marketed Services and Resources

Designed and distributed 13 electronic advertisements to the campus community and faculty promoting tech support; e-textbook adoption; Blackboard LMS workshops; course enrollments; and Learning Curve blog post announcements.

Increased Awareness

Increased knowledge and awareness of adult learning principles and methodologies utilizing Bloom’s taxonomy, and other theories authored by Ruth Clark and Robert Mager.

Developed and Authored Blog

Authored the Learning Curve blog to share instructional design methodologies and best practices, as well as broadcast self-produced videos employing a variety of instructional media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Issuu, and Picasa.

Erendira gave me training in teaching and learning with a specific focus on measurable learning outcomes, course design, and evaluation. I found her work superb–the best I received at that particular time.

Nancy Erbe - Cal State University, Dominguez Hills
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