Liberty Baptist Church

Scope of Work

WordPress | Web Design | Update/Maintenance | Graphic Design | Copywriting | Copyediting | Logo Design | Brand Design | Brand Strategy


I provide web design and development, as well as creative and technical direction for the church website, specifically related to editing and graphic design. I consult on crafting current and up to date information that connects the church with prospective visitors and informs the existing body about current events and catechisms.

The website is built on WordPress with a clean, cohesive, and minimalist theme, offering an easy to navigate user experience.

Together we create a connection with users, relying heavily on still photography and design elements which convey the message of the gospel. We leverage the power of scripture through text sliders, strong copy, use of color, and seasonal graphics.

Without reservation of any kind, I would like to recommend the work of Erendira Ortega.

Max H. Graves, Jr. - Senior Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church
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