Erendira has provided excellent proofreading services to The Intercessor Magazine for at least five years. She is competent and diligent in her work. I am happy to recommend her.

Dr Jerry Scheidbach - The Intercessor Magazine

Erendira has a very strong foundation in course development and a very strong foundation in online communications. She was very effective at helping the faculty to make courses interactive, build courses based on student learning outcomes, use the wide variety of tools available for online teaching. Erendira did an excellent job.

David Hoopes - Cal State University Dominguez Hills

Erendira is a hard-working, detail-oriented individual with significant instructional design expertise. She has an excellent sense of workflow and is quite persistent when bringing a plan to actualization. Erendira has made many important contributions to online learning. She is friendly, honest, and a pleasure to be around. I recommend her without hesitation.

K.D. Borcoman - Cal State University Dominguez Hills

Without reservation of any kind, I would like to recommend the work of Erendira Ortega. She has done a superb job of proofing/editing the articles that we feature in The Intercessor. She is diligent in her work, meticulous with detail, and creative in her suggestions for re-writes. She will be a valuable asset to any writing project.

Max H. Graves Jr. - The Intercessor Magazine

Erendira is a book lover. I enjoy her book reviews as well as her devotionals. Keep shining for Jesus dear sister.

Ifeoma Obiora-Samuel - Purposeful and Meaningful

Erendira gave me training in teaching and learning with a specific focus on measurable learning outcomes, course design, and evaluation. I found her work superb–the best I received at that particular time.

Nancy Erbe - Cal State University Dominguez Hills

Such a fantastic mission. Erendira shares a great combo of her own work and excellent resources too. So happy to have found this page!

Jessi Huenink - Existing for More

You’re doing beautiful work, as always, Erendira! Your writing makes me think, challenges me and broadens my perspective. Thank you for being faithful!

Emily Conrad - Author

I appreciate Erendira’s faith, book reviews and how much helpful information she consistently shares!

Elaine Faessler Stores

The first day I started working at DIRECTV in my role as Sales Center Training Manager, I was informed that I would have to learn InDesign. Due to InDesign being considered the most daunting of programs in my previous organization, I immediately felt intimidated by this prospect. While it did take some self-education, there is no way I could have been successful in my initial design projects without Erendira’s patient coaching and the templates she had built from scratch to support the Team. Through her own diligence and self-discipline, Erendira taught herself InDesign and became the guru to support the other Managers and me. Since design is a majority of our work, I will always be indebted to Erendira for the foundation she provided me and her patient mentoring. Not only is Erendira an expert in design, but she is also a consummate professional and team player. She would be an asset to any team.

Jennifer Murrian - DIRECTV

Erendira Ramirez-Ortega’s work as our organization’s newsletter editor was exemplary. She is an excellent writer/editor and always met deadlines. A joy to work with, Erendira can be counted on.


Connect with Erendira here and find fresh hope, faith, and encouragement delivered to your newsfeed regularly!

Donna Richard Miller - Fresh Grace for Today

Erendira is a skilled and patient course designer, who facilitated the development of an online organizational behavior course. She helped me integrate technology, and identify student learning outcomes, as well as giving me a good sense of how an online course can be successfully developed.

James Katzenstein - Cal State University Dominguez Hills

Thank you so much for the lovely download of Peculiar People. Please tell Esther I enjoyed her illustrations.

Kristy Horine - 3rd Letter Writers

I love that Erendira is not afraid to speak God’s truths, even when it’s not popular. She backs up her statements with a good amount of scripture and doesn’t take it out of context. Her Facebook posts and blog articles are great.

Jasmin Rabinowitz - My Joy in Life

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