Services and Pricing Structure


I’ll use track changes and comments in MS Word to mark-up your manuscript. I’ll provide a clean, edited version so you can read how it flows without the distracting mark-ups.


Anything beyond the scope of our agreement is subject to additional cost and will be discussed at the appropriate time prior to commitment.


My editorial services are fair and competitive based on the recommendation of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Here is a link to their rate chart.


500 words or less $120

501 words – 1200 words $180


2 posts/ month $295

4 posts/ month $550

The following factors will require an additional cost:

  • SEO data/input keywords
  • graphics/photo
  • post to site

MailerLite or MailChimp. $40 / HOUR

Website copy is copywriting for your web site, whether it be for your home page, your about page, your products and services pages, and all your website’s other main pages. All text that is used to promote/sell something on the web is web copy. $40 / HR

Contact me for a quote.

Contact me for a quote.

Contact me for a quote.

Contact me for a quote.

Contact me for a quote.


The simplest type of editing, sometimes the last step in the editing process. Proofreading is the exercise of going through your work with a fine-tooth comb: getting rid of cosmetic errors, correcting grammar, punctuation, typographical errors, spacing and characters. $25 / HOUR

Copyediting could be basic or heavy. Its goal is to detect inconsistencies and to ensure that readability and flow are smooth. Copyediting ensures that every word has been evaluated and measured and is fit for the piece. It also checks for grammar, punctuation, and improves accuracy and style.

Light copyediting: double-checking accuracy and grammatical issues. Medium: correcting flow and re-working some of the text. Heavy: reorganizing paragraphs, correcting style, flow, and grammar.  $35 / HOUR

This is the most complex of editing because it is more involved on a higher level. Assessing the structural flow of the work is essential here and sections are rewritten and rearranged. Additions are made where there are gaps in logic and some content creation is done. Some areas of evaluation: consistency in narrator’s voice; clear message for reader; appropriate style for the type of piece. Are paragraphs unified, are there sufficient examples to support a point, are illustrations well developed and are they coherent? These questions are asked during developmental editing. $45 / HOUR

Review of links in addition to spelling error detection and correction and typographical error detection and correction $35 / HOUR

Review of links and web page copyediting. $45 / HOUR

Review of links and web page content editing and implementing SEO. $55 / HOUR

Review of entire book manuscript and complete editing treatment. Note: I will require you to complete a discovery form and submit 4,000 words maximum for a sample edit at the cost of $25 (non-refundable). This will be discounted from the total project cost if we decide to work together. $55 / HOUR

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